Shapes and Designs by Geoff Horner

Geoff Horner

Surfing began at an early age in my life and has developed into a lifestyle. I was born in 1958 and grew up in the northern beaches town of Dee Why. I started surfing at the age of five. As I grew older I developed an interest in designing and shaping my own boards. I would experiment with different ideas,testing designs and refining techniques to develop a range of boards to suit various styles, conditions and level of surfers.

In the 30 years I have been shaping boards, my early interest turned into a profession. I have enjoyed shaping for such companys as  Spyder , Straight Up Hawaii , Hummingbird , Line Up  and  Source Surf-Japan. Currently I am Shaping under my own label, 'Ochre Surfboards', and for Holiday Surf in Japan under the 'Cheers' label.

I have also had the privilege to shape boards for various professional surfers during my career, including  Occy ,  Mark Foo, Marcus Stocker , Benji Weatherly , Shiro Yamimoto , Rusty Moran , Fletcher Haylar  and Frankie Oberholser.

My lifestyle has enabled me to spend plenty of time searching the planet for perfect waves. I have spent the past 30 years on an annual pilgrimage to the warm waters of Indonesia. This has enabled me to refine my range of guns and semi guns explicitly for Indonesian conditions.

I have also enjoyed various successes on a competitive level. My dedication to surfing has enabled me to achieve previous goals as  Australian Champion and NSW State Champion. I recently won the NSW  Masters Title and finished runner up in the Australian Masters Titles.

Ochre Surfboards are the result  of constant refinement, customer involvement/feedback , quality materials and experience.
  I encourage you to contact me to discuss any personal requirements and details that will allow me to design the right board for you.