Shapes and Designs by Geoff Horner


We have the full range of FCS products available to us at great prices. From fins,covers, leggy`s and grips to car accessories and luggage.
All products can be purchased individually or as part of a board package.

We have the full range of FCS fins available to us from glass flex to composite to ultra lite epoxy. Single, twin, tri or quad fins with heaps of different sizes and templates. You will be amazed how you can fine tune your boards just by changing your fins.

Gorilla grip tail pads come in a range of traction, colours and styles.

FCS board covers come in a range of size , shapes and colours to suit both shortboards and longboards. Whether you are after a light dayrunna cover to get you to and from the beach, or a heavy duty 5 board travel cover to get you round the world, or anything in between, we can help you out.

FCS legropes are available in a range of colours  and come in comp, regular or big wave sizes. They have double swivels and a key pocket. Models for both shortboards and longboards.

FCS luggage is made from heavy duty construction to stand up to the riggers of surf travel. Whether you are after a backpack for day trips or a large bag for long distance travel,we can help you out.

Soft racks and tie down straps