Shapes and Designs by Geoff Horner



All boards can be fitted with FCS , Future or fixed fins. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery or pickup.

     Modern Fish

Designed for high performance surfing in small waves.The wider outline and flatter rocker allows you to maintain speed in small waves while the extra width in the tail lets you bust out those big manouvers. This model comes with a choice of twin fin, tri fin or 4 fin design.    Size Range:   5'4" - 6'6"


     Snub Nose Fish

Designed for high performance surfing in tiny waves.Wide outline and flatter rocker allows you to maintain speed over those flat sections.Has a wide nose area for more paddling power and the option of a single flier in the tail to shorten the rail line to increase turning capability. This model comes with a choice of twin fin, tri fin or 4 fin design.    Size Range:   5'4" - 6'6"


     All Rounder

The All Rounder is a versatile performance short board, catering for a variety of small to medium sized conditions.With a single or a single to double concave it offers the perfect blend of speed and looseness.    Size Range:  5'4" - 6'8"


     Big Boy Board

The Big Boy Board is a blown up version of the All Rounder.It will suit the older or heavier surfer who is looking for shortboard performance in an easy to ride and paddle package.
Size Range:   6'8" - 7'6"



A funboard combines the paddling power of the mini mal with the performance of a shortboard . Perfect for beginners wanting to take  the next step or for those older surfers getting back into surfing who don`t want to ride a mini mal.   Size Range:   6'6" - 7'6"


     Semi Gun

This model is designed for use in larger waves. The drawn out outline and the slightly pulled in tail allows for more hold and control in larger waves while still allowing maximum maneuverability.
Size Range:   6'4" - 6'10"




This is the board you need when it gets big. The low rocker, drawn out outline and pulled in tail allows total hold and control for those big turns and deep barrels.Perfect for travellers to places like Hawaii, Indonesia, Tahiti or Fiji.    Size Range:  6'8" - 7'10"


     Mini Mal

The perfect learner board. It is wide and thick with a fairly flat rocker for easy paddling. Great for anyone from beginners to older surfers who just want to get more waves and have fun.
Size Range:   7'0" - 8'0"


          Mid Range Mal

This board is similar to the traditional longboard only shorter and a little more maneuverable. Good for learners or to just go for a cruise on a small day. Fin set up comes as a standard tri fin or a single boxed fin with side FCS stabalizer fins.  Size Range  8'0" - 9'0"




A traditional longboard with wide nose area and concave for noseriding. It has a slight rocker with a bit of tail lift providing excellent hot dogging capabilities.Standard fin set up is a single boxed fin with side FCS stabilizer fins allowing the rider to maximise the boards performance in a variety of surf conditions.
Size Range:  9'0" - 10'0"


          Retro Single Fin

For all you old school surfers, this is the board for you.This board comes with classic 70`s lines and curves and is fitted with a boxed single fin.  Size Range:  5'6" - 7'6"



     Retro Twin Fin

This board also has the lines and curves of a classic 70`s board but is designed for smaller surf. The extra width, especially in the tail makes for great fun in tiny summer waves. This model can also be made as a tri fin or a quad fin.  Size Range:  5'6" - 6'6"